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3 Reasons Why You Need Spiritual Healing

When a wound is re-opened it usually means the original cut has never been healed. Some lacerations take longer to heal than others and the deeper the wound the more time it takes for it to heal. But why? Why is it necessary for a wound to heal? What is happening during the healing process? What would happen if the wound doesn’t heal?

I would like to share 3 reasons why you as a person need spiritual healing and how it is significant to a physical healing from a wound. When a flesh wound does not heal the three main issues preventing it is likely to be poor circulation, fluid build-up and/or an infection has developed. When you have been spiritually wounded and are not healing, the three main issues preventing it are hardening of heart, rejecting grace, or lack of knowledge about Christ and his power. There is not one scripture to justify why God would not heal someone.

All the responsibility is on you, the receiver.

You do not want to sit in hurt and pain with spiritual wounds open. You do not want to feel anxiety, loneliness and unloved. But there is something that has brought you to this place. You may have felt like your life has ended or been destroyed, but now it’s time to understand why this healing needs to happen.

1) It’s not about you! The attack, the affliction, whatever has happened to you was never about you at all. It was about your purpose and your destiny. You took it personally when you were hurt. When people are physically wounded, they are slowed down and sometimes debilitated but they are still able to live and thrive.

2) Healing frees you! Maybe you have heard that “forgiving is not for the other person but for you”. The healing opens you up to everything good and beautiful God has for you. You are no longer weighted down with life’s issues and the drama of others. When you hold on to what someone has done to you, how do you benefit as a person? How does that help anyone? And yes, it is understandable that people can be cruel and do some very awful things to others and it could have been deliberate and cold-hearted. You gain power and strength when you let it go and move from that spot.

3) Mind, body, spirit and soul! All of you benefit from your spiritual healing. You mind is free from the clutter, racing thoughts that brings depression and anxiety. Your physical body will benefit as you treat it like a temple by keeping it clean and fit. Spiritual healing is a natural regimen for illness and disease.

Healing begins with you and your thought process. Healing creates new skin and new lessons. Healing is a process and it is not always easy. Healing will show you who you are and define your strengths and integrity. Stop sitting in your pain and start believing God for healing.

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