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I know and understand firsthand how challenging it can be balancing your spiritual life, being a mother, wife, and a professional. But most of all the frustration of your family while in crisis. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am committed to bring change in the church community through my own transparency and triumph. 

My goal have always been to provide families and couples with a safe place to heal, which led me to open my practice, White Diamond Counseling Consulting Coaching, LLC.

As an author of Breaking the Silence and From a Mother to a Warrior, I am able to share my personal story of triumph from living and suffering in silence. I dig into discussion about spiritual warfare and pervasive dangers of living in spiritual bondage.

As a mother I am able to connect with those who feel like they are loosing their children to the justice system and emotional grip of depression. When you work with me, I  build a bridge from your shame and pain and guide you to peace, connection and support.

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Breaking the Silence... because you can't heal what you don't share.

My Mission



I speak healing to those families that don't feel they have a way out of their situation and crisis. I provide realistic steps to get through your individual crisis. 

I do believe prayer is the answer to our problems and it builds our relationship with Christ, but what happens when the situation is too much to carry and we don't have the strength to pray? What do you do when church hurt leaves you spiritually homeless? I am able to meet you at that emotional and spiritual place without judgement or force to empower you with the strength to fight.

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