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Welcome to The Lover's Lounge

Welcome to the place where lovers are hanging around. You will receive a FREE t-shirt order form to complete for you and your spouse.  Please see information below about the lounge. Our Facebook group is where you can post questions, join topic discussions and see me live. Just click this link

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The Lover's Lounge


Hey Love Bugs....Welcome to the lounge where lovers hang out! Regardless if you are here to grow as a couple, work through problems, or gain knowledge and resources, please know this is a safe place for you to heal. I am committed to help you with your journey through my own marriage transparency and expertise. As a member of any of the Lover's Lounge plans you can expect the delivery of a monthly video (every 30 days from date of membership start) with specific marital topics known as "Transparency Talks with Terri". There are questions that go along with the videos that you and your spouse can work on together. All members will have access to discounts at events such as Couples Retreats, classes, workshops, conferences and new products being introduced like the Date Night ebook and Game Night for couples.. You also have access to our Facebook Lover's Lounge Community where we can get into some discussion topics, share what you are learning from the Transparency Talks with Terri or any of the events you may have attended. Don't be surprised if I do some Live "Pop-ups"! Of course our Premium and VIC members will have access to a bigger discount, worksheets and exercises. When couples complete week 12 of their videos and lessons, they will receive a T-shirt. VIC couples who complete week 20, will receive their complimentary couple's check up (valued at $199).

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


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Basic, $99.00/year
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